TOURAcademy® Home Edition Review

The TOURAcademy® Home Edition Review

So I tried TOURAcademy® Home Edition and I’m really impressed. It arrived more than a couple of weeks ago, so I’m actually on my third week now on the program. Man I’m not even at the middle of the course but I swear I can now see some improvements in my game. Let me tell you a little about myself. I’m not really new to golf. I started playing golf when I was in college. Over the years the time I spent on the range declined as I have to focus my time on my career and family. Now that I’m entering middle age, I’m kinda looking for some productive destruction away from work. So I decided to return to golf.

Tour Academy Home Edition Review ImageNow that I can find the time to play golf again, I wanted to improve my game and try to eliminate all of those bad habits that I picked up in my early years. I have already contacted a couple of personal trainers and local golf pro’s at several golf courses but I don’t like the programs they offer and they charge a lot. That is how I turned online to look for alternatives. I had already heard about TOURAcademy® Home Edition from a popular golf forum board which I’m a member. It has some good feedback and so it’s Amazon’s product page. At that time they were also offering a special which I think still applies today. I ordered the TOURAcademy® Home Edition Pro for $150. The contact bag looks great but I have no real use for it. What’s important for me are the alignment sticks and the detailed lessons on the DVD’s, that you do at your own pace in the comfort of your own home, you don’t have to go to a golf course to get the best results. That’s why I choose this instead of the other product TOURAcademy® Home Edition Deluxe offered at $90, for the alignment sticks, which are a great golf training aid.

The Golf Instruction Explained

Let’s talk about the package. To my surprise it arrived very quickly. The packaging looks great, very professional and sealed with all 10 disks inside the case. I eagerly checked all the contents including the practice guides and calendar which serves like a diary of your entire training. I haven’t tried instructional videos before except the ones you see on YouTube so I was not really expecting much about it.

The TOURAcademy® video instructions exceeded my expectations. Hosted by pro golfer Ian Baker Finch, all instructors are pro golfers as well. They were actually short, clearly presented, and very easy to understand and follow. I guess that’s why the whole program is broken into several DVD’s. It’s a stage by stage process. It’s not like other instructional materials wherein you take all the golf lessons in one sitting.

So I spend nearly an hour watching the first TOURAcademy® Home Edition video that first night. It talks about the fundamentals about posture, grip and swing. I have been playing golf for years and I’m surprised to learn I’m doing it wrong. No wonder I was not going anywhere with my practice. Now I have to make some adjustments to correct my faults, which there are many.

Golf Lessons

The process is actually simple. You watch the video instructions and follow along with lessons. Then watch the practice sessions. This gives you an idea on what you will be doing at the practice range, or in my case my back yard. Each TOURAcademy® disk has a short introductory of points to remember going back to basic fundamentals of body posture, grip and swing. While on the range you have your training calendar to record your progress. Then you also have your TOURAcademy® practice guide to remind you on what skill to practice on that day. An instructional manual with full illustration is included just in case you want to review something and you’re away from your DVD.

Following the practice calendar you are supposed to spend around 40 minutes for each of the golf lessons. The practice is actually broken down into 3 smaller exercise sets which takes about 15 minutes each set. But in my case I take my time so I spend around 2 hours on the range (my back yard). I’m learning new skills and I’m enjoying golf now more than ever, really noticing a difference on the course. It took a week or so to see any improvement in my game, but my scorecard is now showing results.

Making Progress

After 3 weeks in the TOURAcademy® Home Edition program I’m already seeing a lot of progress in my swing, I have a greater control of my swing, now after 18 holes I don’t feel like I’ve had my arms torn out of their sockets. I did have a lot of bad habits. I’m not only hitting the ball sweeter but I’m covering a greater distance with accuracy, I’m not ending up in the weeds like I was before the golf training program. I know I still have 6 weeks in this program and I’m already excited to see the results after I finish the TOURAcademy® Home Edition golf training program.

Final Wrap Up

I was unsure before I purchased this golf training program, but after trying a few golf lessons at some local pro shops and not really getting big results for the price tag, I realized that makes the TOURAcademy® great value, so I decided to try this program, with the benefit of being able to do it at home, which is a huge advantage for me.

There is also a 60 day No Hassle money back guarantee, for piece of mind.

As well as a 30 day trial starting at just $10. Why not give it a try.

I hope my TOURAcademy® home edition review has helped give a better understanding of what is in the course before you purchase.

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