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Golf is a precision sport and it has a very long history compared to other sports. This sport has increased in popularity and now professional golf players participate in well known competitions across the world. The Open Championship is the world’s oldest golf tournament. Everyone knows the goal of this sport: sinking a ball in a hole with as few strikes as possible. Ideally with the perfect golf swing the player can sink the ball in a single strike. The most important question is how to learn the perfect golf swing. There is only one possible answer: by practicing as much as possible.

In case you were wondering how long does it take to obtain a perfect golf swing, the answer will not please you. According to most players the process can last a lifetime. When you want to perfect your golf swing there are other things you can do other than practicing. These activities are reading as many perfect golf swing tips as possible, and watch videos of professional golf players. Combine these 3 methods, and you’ll master the perfect golf swing. Some people will even join a golf training program with the TOURAcademy®, and you should too if you want to become a professional golf player.

Some people learn or understand better when reading instructions than when seeing them. If you’re one of them you came to the right place because this might be the perfect golf swing step by step tutorial for you. Before we move on to the tutorial prepare a golf club and plenty of space to swing it, as not to hit anyone or anything. Your practice session might become annoying when using a ball or while being on the golf course. You will hear some people have been practicing this sport for a longer time than you did and that the best place for practice is the driving range. That may be true but the golf DVD instructions, guide books, diary and the best golf training aids from the TOURAcademy® will accelerate the practice and show fast improvement in your game with golf tips from the pro’s.

These are some of the best tips on how to get a perfect golf swing

1. Improve your grip

How you hold your golf club is very important. It might as well be the key to the ideal swing. First of all, your hands must stay still on the club’s handle after you grab it. There are three club grabbing methods and they are adapted for those with smaller hands, weaker arms, or beginners. First observe how your hands and arms hang naturally to your sides. When gripping the golf club start with the hand you use least, now called lead hand. Your main hand, called trailing, comes next. The pinkie finger of your trailing hand should rest on top and between your other hand’s index and middle finger, this is called the Vardon grip. For the interlocking grip, your trailing hand’s pinkie overlaps your leading hand’s index. Beginners use the 10 fingers also known as the baseball grip.

2. Practice your stance

The stance is the position right before that perfect swing golf players do so effortlessly. First you have to imagine you’re inside some railroad tracks and your ball is outside it. Now balance your weight on the balls of your feet that are each under their respective shoulder. Make sure not to slouch, slightly flex your knees while bending your legs at the hips. Make sure you’re relaxed with a firm grip on your club so don’t hold on to it for dear life.

3. How to swing

learn the perfect golf swing imageBefore you swing for the first time you must practice your grip and stance until they’re second nature. Any golf professional training program will tell you this. The movement you want to copy is that of a pendulum. Notice how a pendulum has the same speed when it descends, therefore you should control your strength on the backswing while balancing your weight from your back foot to the front one. Depending on how far you want to send the ball you raise your arm more or not so much. Sometimes finding a rhythm can help a lot with how you swing. Ideally your ball should travel just some feet, not to fly away out of control.

4. Know your clubs

Just like a chef who knows what knife to choose based on what he needs to cut, you also must know when to use a certain club and not the other. The right club combined with your swing and will help achieve the distance you need. Remember that each club is made of different materials, have a different weight, and that each hole on the golf course is played differently. Making the wrong choice will result in a not so perfect golf swing.

If you’d like to see actual golf players and their flawless swings for a better understanding of these tips, you have many choices: watch golf tournaments on TV, go to a golf club, or hire a trainer. If you don’t have the possibility of doing any of these for now don’t lose hope. The TOURAcademy® Home Edition is a golf training program aimed to those with little time and resources on their hands. This tool is a set of 10 DVD and the lessons last for 8 weeks.

Of course beginners will find this program extremely helpful, especially because it comes with some bonuses most rookies wouldn’t know how to buy or why. This tool is also good for those who already know how to play golf, but would still like to receive some tips and advice on how to perform the perfect golf swing, or just to iron out those bad habits that we develop over the years.

One last piece of advice is not to get frustrated if you make mistakes. All professional players have made them, sometimes even during an important championship. Sometimes it helps to have someone reviewing your swings, therefore go practice in a place where more experienced players also go. This way making new friends, golf partners, and improving your golf swing will be much easier and faster. If you want results faster, practice more often and for longer than the program recommends.

Good luck in achieving that perfect golf club swing. I hope these golf tips have been helpful. For more information on golf lessons please read our TOURAcademy® Review, with golf tips from real pro’s including Ian Baker Finch.

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