What is TOURAcademy®?

Learn to play better golf just like professional golf players would practice. This is what TOURAcademy® is all about. Everything you need to learn to play golf is here. With TOURAcademy® you never have to spend long hours at golf range practicing your swing and learning pro techniques. TOURAcademy® Home Edition will bring your golf training to the comfort of your home or office. It’s like having a personal trainer teaching you the basic skills needed in golf. So when you visit your golf course or practice range, you can play like a pro.
TOURAcademy® is a complete program to help you play better golf. This is perfect for new players who want to learn the correct fundamentals of golf, that means you won’t develop those bad habits (like I did) that you pick up without professional training. Professional players use these techniques to improve their skills. The program lasts for 8 weeks or two months. It’s a step by step, fast paced training program that yields fantastic results.

What’s Included in TOURAcademy® Home Edition?

• 10 TOURAcademy® Home Edition Lessons in Interactive DVD Disks, all hosted by Ian Baker Finch. The lessons here are proven by players. It includes all the secrets and techniques that every aspiring pro golf player should know. Watching these lessons is unlike any other program where you sit and do nothing. Here you will interact with the instructions and lessons.
• Swing Lessons. A great golf player can swing accurately and consistently. TOURAcademy® includes 5 full swing lessons. This will teach you the proper grip and body posture. So each time you swing you drive the ball with power and accuracy for more birdies.
• Short Game Lessons. Mastering all 4 short game lessons included in this program means having good scores at every game. Short game lessons is very important. From powerful swings, here you learn to smoothen your move with more accuracy to pin that ball.
• Practice Sessions. Now that you have learned all the fundamentals of golf. All you need is to improve your skills and bring it to the next level. You can do it by following the 18 practice sessions. Depending on your skill level there is a defined set of exercises you can work on.
• 8 Week Calendar. Keep track of your success in this 8 week calendar included in the TOURAcademy® Home Edition program. After learning the basic skills unit at home take your play to your golf range.

The TOURAcademy® instructors featured in this program are pro golf players with a passion in helping others play better golf. The training program is based on a curriculum that has been tested by real professional golf players. No more wasting time in golf ranges hitting balls but not seeing any improvement in your game.
TOURAcademy® is not only aimed at teaching new techniques and skill sets. It will also teach you how to correct your mistakes like body posture, grip and practice routines. It’s more than a handbook of golf tips for playing golf. It contains the secrets of professional players, taught by real golf players, explained and demonstrated by talented instructors.

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