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Who is Sarah Kemp

Sarah Kemp ImageSarah Kemp is a young Australian professional golf player. She started playing golf as early as 12 years old, playing off a zero handicap by age 15. She is a member of Ladies Golf Professional Associations in Australia. This talented lady made it to the tour on her first attempt. Like every player her career in Ladies Golf started as an amateur way back in November of 2005 when she was admitted into the world of professional Women’s Golf.
Last year she played at Walmart Arkansas Championship sponsored by P & G. At the end of the game she has recorded a season best T17 finish. This was a great comeback for her after suffering a foot injury that required surgery to repair, with a very lengthy recovery and rehabilitation process.

How Do Professional Golfers Like Sarah Kemp Play Better Golf

Professional golf players like Sarah Kemp take golf very seriously. Not only do they like playing golf but because they are making a career out of their passion. This is what drives them to compete and keep on going, day after day of training and tour after tour. They spend hour after hour on the range perfecting their skills and techniques. They don’t settle for a good hit, they want consistency which can only be achieved through long hours of practice.

TOURAcademy® is built upon the belief of helping everyone play better golf and that includes professional players. The people behind it are real professional golf players and tour champions. They come together to create a curriculum to teach other players how to play better golf. They have poured all their knowledge and secrets of golf into one training program that is easy to follow and understand. The training program is called TOURAcademy® Home Edition.

Many professional golfers have benefited from following a training program like the TOURAcademy® Home Edition. Although it teaches players the basic golf skills like body posture, grip and swing techniques. Advanced players can still use the training guide to improve their game, correct their faults, and track their progress.

Professional golf players need extensive training from top caliber personal instructors. This is to make sure that they reach their potential. This is the beauty of the TOURAcademy® Home Edition. It includes all the secrets of professional golf players, presented in a very easy to understand and easy to follow instructional video. It’s like having your own personal trainer at home and being able to practicing whenever you have the time to do it.

How To Play Golf Better With TOURAcademy® Home Edition

The TOURAcademy® Home Edition is truly a great training program to help players play better golf. It has been developed by real pro players at TOURAcademy®. One of these pro players is Ian Baker Finch. He is the host of TOURAcademy® training videos, the 1991 Open champion. He shares his valuable knowledge and skills all throughout the training. He also clearly explains the importance of developing a specific skill set and why you need to do a certain routine or practice exercise. You can preview the lessons included in the TOURAcademy® Home Edition videos here or visit TOURAcademy® website to watch Ian Baker Finch as he welcomes you to the golf training.

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There are actually 9 lessons included in the TOURAcademy® Home Edition. They are as follows:

• Lessons on Set Up. This talks about grip, posture and body alignment. It’s amazing how you can improve your game by just following the proper grip and body alignment when making a perfect swing.
• Lessons on Putting. This part of the lessons talks about the elements of good putting and how you can take advantage of it.
• Lessons on Impact Zone. Understanding how the ball lands and where it goes is very essential. This will teach you how to make consistent and accurate birdies.
• Lessons on Small Swings. Here you will learn about chipping and uses of small swings to troubleshoot your game.
• Lessons on Pivot. This part is about how your body move as you make the swing.
• Lessons on Pitching. This is where you will learn about swinging on intermediate distances.
• Lessons on Making the Full Swings. Here you will learn how to make your body move as one with your club to make the perfect full swing.
• Lessons on Power and Distance. Here you will learn to take control of your game for maximum distance.
• Lessons on Special Shots. This is the part where you learn some advance skills like Lob and Bunker shots.

TOURAcademy® Home Edition is very easy to follow. After watching the first lesson which takes about less than an hour. You can go ahead and try what you have learned at the range or in your own back yard. A practice guide is provided with an illustrated handbook so you know what you should work on when you arrive at the range, when you are away from your golf instruction video. Everyday a new lesson is given, with a new practice set. Gradually you master every skill and you become better golf player. The golf tips in this training, covers every aspect of the game.

We also have provided an in-depth TOURAcademy® Review here in our website to help you decide if this program is for you.

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Forster Tuncurry Golf Club

Forster Tuncurry Golf Club was the place where Sarah did most of her practice whilst an amateur golfer. As she progressed into being a professional, she moved to Sydney. But Forster Tuncurry Golf Club will always hold a special place in her heart.



The Great Lakes

Sarah is very proud to be associated with the Great Lakes Tourism Region on NSW’s mid north coast. Sarah moved to Forster Tuncurry with her family in her late teens and finished her amateur career in the Region. Whilst now living in Sydney and playing golf all over the world, Sarah loves nothing more than getting up to the Great Lakes Region to enjoy her family, all the wonderful activities and practice her golf!




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“I can’t thank Subaru enough for such a cool car and their support of my golfing has been fantastic.” – Sarah Kemp




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